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About the Issue

Ohio is an infamous puppy mill state and is home to hundreds of commercial breeding facilities. Ohio’s current law has failed to solve Ohio’s massive puppy mill problem. In puppy mills, dogs spend their whole lives in small, filthy wire cages without adequate veterinary care, socialization, or exercise. Breeding dogs are treated as nothing more than puppy-making machines and puppies as nothing more than products.

This ballot measure will alleviate the suffering of tens of thousands of dogs languishing in Ohio puppy mills by vastly improving their standards of care. It requires commercial breeders (those with 8 or more breeding females) to provide dogs with nutritious food and clean water, proper veterinary care, housing, exercise, socialization, protection from extreme temperatures, and more. It also prohibits commercial breeders and other sellers, regardless of where they are located, from selling dogs to Ohio consumers unless they meet these humane standards of care.

With a resounding yes vote in November 2018, Ohio, will take a strong stand against animal cruelty and show the rest of the nation how to effectively tackle the puppy mill problem.