Letters to the Editor

Voters will take a stand when it comes to puppy mills: Letter to the Editor

Published 1/8 by cleveland.com

We applaud the couple Brunswick couple opens home to rescued Dobermans for taking in several neglected dogs into their home. We hear many stories of heartbreak and recovery from families who have been touched by caring for a former puppy mill dog.

Letter: Sign petition to put puppy mill bill on ballot

Published 10/18 by The Columbus Dispatch

While voters are divided on so many political issues, the treatment of dogs on puppy mills is not one of them. Statistically valid polling reveals that 4 of 5 Ohio voters support policy reforms to guarantee that dogs in commercial breeding kennels are protected from extreme weather, given clean food and water, and provided enough room that they can take more than a few steps before hitting the wall of their cage.

Letter: Issue would stop bad breeders

Published 9/26 by The Columbus Dispatch

In response to the Friday Dispatch editorial “This dog won’t hunt,” I find it incomprehensible to imagine anyone not wanting to fight against puppy mills and support the Humane Society of the United States’ efforts in enacting common-sense care standards for dogs.

Letter: Citizens have right to take puppy mill issue to ballot

Published 9/26 by The Columbus Dispatch

I take issue with the Dispatch (Editorial: This dog won’t hunt 9/22) scolding citizen groups for wanting to take an important issue directly to the people by way of ballot measure. Ohio citizens have a constitutional right to initiate lawmaking through ballot measures.