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Voters will take a stand when it comes to puppy mills: Letter to the Editor · Jan 08, 2018

Published 1/8 by

We applaud the couple Brunswick couple opens home to rescued Dobermans for taking in several neglected dogs into their home. We hear many stories of heartbreak and recovery from families who have been touched by caring for a former puppy mill dog.

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Editorial: 2012 effort a dog of a law

The Columbus Dispatch · Dec 19, 2017

Published 12/19 by The Columbus Dispatch

For too long, Ohio has ranked among the worst of states in allowing the neglect and mistreatment of dogs by high-volume commercial breeders.

Animal-welfare advocates — mostly volunteers — worked tirelessly for years to educate citizens, illustrate the extent of the cruelty, and pressure state lawmakers to act. Because of their efforts, in late 2012 the General Assembly overwhelmingly passed, and Gov. John Kasich signed, legislation requiring the Ohio Department of Agriculture to license high-volume breeders and set rules for the housing, nutrition and care of these dogs.

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Stop Puppy Mills Ohio Push For Restrictions On Breeders

WVXU · Dec 07, 2017

Published 12/7 by WVXU

Ohio is America's second largest puppy mill state according to the Humane Society of the United States. These large-scale breeding facilities are considered by the Humane Society to put profit above animal welfare, housing dogs in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions, and breeding females with little recovery time.

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Ohio Humane Societies Launch Campaign To Stop Puppy Mills

WMFD · Nov 09, 2017

Published 11/9 by WMFD

Humane Societies all over Ohio are banding together to help stop the prolific number of puppy mills that have popped up across the state. A public meeting was held on Thursday night at Ontario Public Library, in order to show what concerned citizens can do to help the cause.

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Grassroots group calls for better conditions for dogs in puppy mills

Mansfield News Journal · Nov 09, 2017

Published 11/9 by Mansfield News Journal

A grassroots movement is calling for better treatment of dogs in Ohio puppy mills and collecting signatures to try to put the issue on the ballot.

Stop Puppy Mills Ohio is a grassroots coalition of both national and local shelters, rescues and organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States, working to ensure the humane treatment of dogs in commercial breeding facilities.

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Briefs: Stop Puppy Mills Ohio plans public meeting

Mansfield News Journal · Nov 07, 2017

Published 11/7 by Manfield News Journal

The Mansfield/Richland County Public Library Ontario Branch will host an informational public meeting about puppy mill cruelty from 6:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 9, in the large community room, 2221 Village Mall Drive.

Stop Puppy Mills Ohio, a coalition of national and local animal protection organizations, has launched a ballot measure campaign to put an end to puppy mill cruelty and protect Ohio families from unknowingly supporting puppy mills and ending up with a sick or behaviorally-challenged puppy.

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Letter: Sign petition to put puppy mill bill on ballot

The Columbus Dispatch · Oct 18, 2017

Published 10/18 by The Columbus Dispatch

While voters are divided on so many political issues, the treatment of dogs on puppy mills is not one of them. Statistically valid polling reveals that 4 of 5 Ohio voters support policy reforms to guarantee that dogs in commercial breeding kennels are protected from extreme weather, given clean food and water, and provided enough room that they can take more than a few steps before hitting the wall of their cage.

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"Stop Puppy Mills": Ballot measure to stop cruel conditions

WKRC · Oct 11, 2017

Published 10/11 by WKRC

SHARONVILLE, Ohio (WKRC) - When Cathy Madewell adopted her Chihuahua, Newman, she knew he was rescued from an Ohio puppy mill. The poor conditions caused Newman to have health problems.

“When he came, he was kind of already sick with kennel cough. He had no fur. He had lost all of his fur," said Cathy.

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Time to end puppy mills

The Blade · Sep 29, 2017

Published 9/29 by The Blade

Ohio’s lawmakers have made several attempts over the years to address the issue of abhorrent, unregulated puppy mills, but failed to end the abusive and inhumane animal trade they perpetuate.

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Letter: Issue would stop bad breeders

The Columbus Dispatch · Sep 26, 2017

Published 9/26 by The Columbus Dispatch

In response to the Friday Dispatch editorial “This dog won’t hunt,” I find it incomprehensible to imagine anyone not wanting to fight against puppy mills and support the Humane Society of the United States’ efforts in enacting common-sense care standards for dogs.

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