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Letter: Citizens have right to take puppy mill issue to ballot

The Columbus Dispatch · Sep 26, 2017

Published 9/26 by The Columbus Dispatch

I take issue with the Dispatch (Editorial: This dog won’t hunt 9/22) scolding citizen groups for wanting to take an important issue directly to the people by way of ballot measure. Ohio citizens have a constitutional right to initiate lawmaking through ballot measures.

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Puppy-mill amendment would specify humane treatment by breeders

ThisWeek · Sep 26, 2017

Published 9/26 by ThisWeek

Ohio residents backed by the Humane Society of the United States have proposed an amendment to the Ohio Constitution focused on puppy mills and the treatment of animals in commercial breeding.

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Ohio Board Certifies Ballot Issue Aimed to Block Puppy Mills

U.S. NEWS · Sep 23, 2017

Published 9/23 by U.S. NEWS

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A proposed constitutional amendment aimed at preventing puppy mills has been certified as a single ballot issue by Ohio's Ballot Board.

The proposal would require dog breeders with eight or more unspayed female dogs and annual sales of more than 15 dogs to meet certain standards intended to improve animal care.

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State board clears way for ‘puppy mill’ issue backers to gather signatures

The Columbus Dispatch · Sep 22, 2017

Published 9/22 by The Colombus Dispatch

The Ohio Ballot Board has cleared the way for backers of a proposed “puppy mill” constitutional amendment to gather signatures to put the issue to a statewide vote next year.

The five-member board Friday agreed that the proposed Ohio Puppy Mill Prevention Amendment, aimed at enacting restrictions on large-scale dog breeders, is a single issue. That means supporters of the proposal now can begin the task of gathering 305,591 valid signatures of registered voters from 44 of 88 Ohio counties.

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Puppy mill amendment could bring breeding dogs more protection

Cleveland 19 News · Sep 19, 2017

Published on 9/19 by Cleveland 19 News

More regulations could be coming to Ohio puppy mills after animal rights activists take another step to change the law.

The Ohio Puppy Mill Prevention Amendment is moving forward after Attorney General Mike DeWine certified the petition to amend the state constitution.

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Ohio Voters Could Soon Have an Opportunity to Crack Down on Puppy Mills

Care2 · Sep 13, 2017

Published 9/13 by Care2

Ohio is one of the worst states in the nation for dogs when it comes to puppy mills. But a landmark ballot initiative has been launched that could soon allow voters to change that.

The state has the second highest number of breeders licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), behind Missouri, and problems there abound.

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Animal welfare groups launch landmark ballot initiative to stop puppy mill cruelty in the Buckeye State

Published 9/11 by The Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society of the United States, along with a coalition of local and national animal welfare organizations and nearly 2,500 Ohio residents, yesterday filed a ballot initiative petition with the Ohio Attorney General to stop systemic suffering of dogs in puppy mills, defined as inhumane commercial breeding facilities that disregard the health and well-being of dogs.  Ohio is the second largest puppy mill state in the nation, trailing only Missouri in the number of federally-licensed commercial dog breeding operations.

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